Hi I’m Cary and I love photographing little people and capturing life’s moments on camera.
There’s something incredibly special about photographing a baby or young child, to record the innocence and uninhibited moments that sum up their character and personality . Cary Yanny Photography is based in Oxfordshire.
Well, I have a real passion for life and a great sense of fun and playfulness. It feels like I’ve had a camera in my hand all my life, starting with a Brownie box camera when I was seven years old.
Having lived and travelled all over the world for the past twenty years, how lucky I am to have had the most fascinating subjects and scenery to enjoy. Photography has been part of that adventure and many of my photos have been published over the years.

Now settled in Oxfordshire for the past few years, my friends joke that I seem to be a child magnet. Baby photography, well that’s just the best! As long as I have a camera in my hand and can produce beautiful photos that make you and your family smile then I’m happy. My passion is capturing every little moment for you.

Cary Yanny Photographer Oxfordshire
Cary Yanny Photography Oxfordshire

My Approach

Whilst fun is the cornerstone, of my photography there is a thoughtful aspect to this profession. I take your baby’s safety very seriously. I’ve had extensive photographic training as well as specialised training in how to handle these tiny bundles in the safest way possible. Never will they be in a pose they, or you, are not comfortable with. The images you see, where baby appears to be holding his or her head, are composite images and baby’s head is always supported by mum or dad; they are then edited in post-production. Of course, they are attended to at all times. I am a Paediatric First Aid Instructor and I also teach this course.
You want stunning keepsakes of your new, priceless addition – my aim is to create them for you..

Contact me

Contact me
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My Style

Photographs trigger a smile, a laugh, an emotion, a memory; that’s why they are so important. They’re the start of nostalgia for the years to come. a memory and that is why they are so important. If I am not shooting outside in natural light I will be using lighting that makes the images feel light and airy. I Love Black & White images so you will see a lot of these on my web site.