Faqs and Price Guide


Can we request specific photographs we’d like to have taken?

Yes. You can let me know about any specific shots you’d like and I’ll be happy to try to take them. However, not all babies are capable of some of the poses that you may have seen, so please be prepared to wait and see how things go on the day.

My baby’s skin is peeling,Does this matter?

No, it’s fine. After the session I will tidy up the photos using special software to deal with these little variances and make them go away, so there’s nothing to worry about. (Still, I will not overdo any changes, so your baby is still shown in all their natural beauty.)

What should my baby/child wear for the session?

New-borns usually don’t wear anything. I will bring lots of accessories and props for you to choose from. If you have seen something of mine in a photo please tell me and I will make sure to bring it. You can also provide your own favourite blanket, teddy bear or cute hats.For older baby’s its a good idea to keep things quite plain no big flowery patterns

Do I have to buy the photos?

No, you are under no obligation to buy anything. I’m sure you will want to, though, when you see how beautiful your baby’s photos come out. A full product price list is available, please contact me for details.

My baby/child is sick, can I rearrange our session time?

Yes, we don’t want to cause stress by trying to take photos when baby is feeling sick and we won’t get the best shots anyway, so it best to rearrange.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have public liability insurance.

Do you schedule photo sessions at weekends?

Yes, I do shoot on Saturday mornings but Sundays can be booked by arrangement. Weekends do get booked so if you know you dates please don’t leave it to long to book.

Can I give the photo session as a gift?

Yes. We will give you a beautiful gift certificate to give.

How can I Book?

Please phone me on 07811 852940. Alternatively email me at my Contacts page here.



When do I make the booking?

The best time is during your pregnancy, however, if you have had your baby I often have openings and will be able to fit you in, so please call.

Who handles my baby?

I will be handling and posing your baby during the entire session, as well as cuddling and soothing them to make sure they’re happy. At those moments when only you will do, I hand your baby to you and, if at any point in the session, you need to cuddle your little one you just to let me know.

How old should a newborn be?

The best age for a new-born session is between 5 and 14 days. This is because muscle tone is still weak and tiny babies tend to sleep very deeply. That is not to say that a baby older than this can’t be posed. I’ve successfully posed babies all the way up to 12 weeks and older.

Is Newborn photography safe?

Yes. Your baby’s health and safety is my number one priority so I won’t ever do anything that causes your baby distress. There are some poses that we may try but if your baby isn’t comfortable doing those I will stop immediately. Some poses will require a helping hand from you.

What happens if my baby won’t sleep?

Don’t worry, this can happen, which is why I always schedule sufficient time into every session to allow for it. We will spend as long as it takes to get your baby settled before any photography begins. I also allow for a couple of feeds and snuggle breaks in the middle of the session.

Other than baby,me and my partner, can other people watch the photo session?

Having one additional person in attendance other than the mother can be helpful but more than this is not recommended as it may disturb the baby and make it difficult to take the photos. But always happy to discuss this with you.